The Archi and The Quiete

Recently restored ancient farmhouse in the heart of Tuscany. Not far from Cortona, beautiful Etruscan town, the ideal place for vacation, visiting the art of nature and culture.

"Gli Archi" divided into 10 apartments from 2 to 6 beds, kitchen, one or two bedrooms, bathroom with tub or shower, balcony or patio with a large independent. The entire cottage can accommodate up to 50 people. Internet free in the garden. Large hall adjacent to the property, (you can see some photos of the external area and internal) (50 sqm) with fireplace and kitchen facilities, ideal for groups or parties that want to eat together.

"La Quiete" divided into 3 apartments for 4 to 8 beds, kitchen, two or four bedrooms, bathroom (bath or shower). The entire cottage can accommodate up to 20 people.


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